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The Forgotten Gun Cover.png
Goodreads logo.jpg

“Compelling, engaging, and riveting, this phenomenal, well-paced story will carry you effortlessly through to its shocking, satisfying conclusion”

BookAddict, Goodreads – 5/5

“I strongly advise all crime-mystery-thriller fans to read this book because of its clever writing, plot twists and assertive characters”

Yadav, Goodreads – 5/5

“There are so many things I enjoyed about this read”

BobsandBooks, Goodreads – 5/5

“The end was so unexpected and shocking, I was jumping from excitement!”

DavyD, Goodreads – 5/5

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auction book cover_edited.jpg
Goodreads logo.jpg

"It is an absolutely original book with the whole crime, homicides, suspense, and surprising endings. The book was extremely mysterious and enthralling. The writing was captivating and I was too intrigued by the original writing"

Pen Hub Expert, Instagram - 5/5

"This book was recommended and certainly did not disappoint. I read a lot of crime thrillers and the storyline was up there with all of the best that I have read"

Michael, London - 5/5

"A very interesting plot to a book which I found very hard to put down. Very highly recommended"

Richard, South Wales - 5/5

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HQ Book Cover Disciples.jpg
Goodreads logo.jpg

"Ooh I think this is best one in the series yet! Loved it.
Steve Burt and his team are investigating what seems to be a murder case or two and then everything unravels. Lots of trust, secrecy and important people involved and I think this is Steve's biggest pressure yet. Explosive storyline and does not disappoint. All the old favourites from book 1 and 2 make their mark too, making this a brilliant read."

BobsandBooks, Goodreads – 5/5

"I absolutely loved this book and will definitely be reading the others in the series. The story is really well written, full of intrigue and has fast-paced plot twists that are wonderfully unexpected. The writing draws you in and absorbs you through every chapter - you actually feel part of the story at times."

Richard Kennet, Goodreads - 5/5

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Watchers front book cover.jpg
Goodreads logo.jpg

"I have read all of John Reids' books as advance copies, and they get better and better. Good characters and good plotting, and a “complex enough” story makes The Watchers very readable. I finished it in 5 sittings, which is rare for me. This is good police procedural fiction. Well worth a visit.."

Guy Norgrove, Goodreads

"There's something so appealing and enjoyable about this author's books. We feel like we’ve come to know these recurring characters and each new crime they solve is an opportunity to catch up with old friends. Although the style is impassive and dispassionate, the drama is riveting and the suspense intriguing. For the cerebral reader, the smallest detail is attended to as multiple concurrent events converge into an exciting conclusion."

BookAddict, Goodreads

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The Voice Front Cover.jpg
Goodreads logo.jpg

"This book has it all, murder, terrorism, corruption, secret weapons.. all on an international level. ⁣This book pulls you in and you end up looking forward to more. "

Amy Reviews, Goodreads

"This adrenaline-fueled story kept me on the edge of my seat. The scene changes keep things moving, the unique, endearing characters keep things interesting, and the twists, turns, and shocking surprises left me thunderstruck. This brilliantly written story, part crime drama and part spy thriller is sure to give any lover of suspense and thrillers a riveting, heart-pounding, unparalleled reading escape."

BookAddict, Goodreads

"Absolutely love the DCI Steve Burt mystery series, and this is the best book to date!!! Great story, typical fast-paced and unexpected twists and turns throughout"

Richard Kennet, Goodreads

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Norwich book cover.jpg
Goodreads logo.jpg

"A clever, very well thought out plot with twists and turns along the way which kept the grey matter nicely active. A wonderful entertaining read."

Misfits Farm, Goodreads

"The sixth In the DCI Steve Burt series and the writing just gets better. Great plot lots of twists and turns. Looking forward to the next one."

Anne M, Amazon

"The Norwich Murders takes Steve Burt out of his comfort zone and presents him another set of unfathomable problems. Steve also has to decide whether he wants a new job and promotion or to stay at Special Resolutions. Murder, corruption and big-time crime all the hallmarks of John Reid's writing make this a hard book to put down."

James, Bristol, Amazon

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