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Meet DCI Steve Burt as we find him at the start of the series in The Forgotten Gun.






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He left school at 18 with 3 ‘A’ levels and a string of top grades. His ambition had always been to follow his father into the army and when he was accepted for officer training at Sandhurst, his family were extremely proud.

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Where are you reading yours? 

Sandhurst Military Academy

Steve excelled at Sandhurst where his physique, fitness and amiable personality were a perfect fit for the challenges faced in proving that you belong amongst the elite of the next generation of army officers. 

A natural leader of men, Steve stood out from the very start, and a clear winner of the Sword of Honour - a prestigious award for the best performer in the year group.  

Parachute Regiment

Commissioned into the Parachute Regiment, Steve was a natural. Built on a reputation of commitment and courage he progressed through the ranks with ease, reaching the rank of Captain when he was just 24 years old. Further promotions looked a formality with a fast ascent into top brass his undoubted destiny.


Not much could get in his way, but rumours of an affair with his Commanding Officer's wife and a very effective Steve Burt right hook into his face was one of those things! His army career was over. 

Metropolitan Police

After a few months of trying to find his way in a new life outside of the army for the first time, Steve joined the police force. Enjoying the familiarity of training and discipline at Hendon Police College, Steve felt at home and flourished in his new surroundings. By the age of 36 he had progressed to the rank of Detective Inspector, playing his part in solving serious crimes in London.

At the age of 41 however, DCI Steve Burt was once again faced with the end of another career that promised so much before his fists and frustrations got the better of him. This time a very public incident with one of his senior officer's was the catalyst for disciplinary action that can only have one outcome.


3 months into his suspension the day of his final disciplinary hearing looms, with the outcome a certainty. The absence of routine and purpose  have not helped Steve cope with the situation. Alcohol, self-pity and regret are ever present as he seeks solace and an escape from the situation he has created for himself. 

One final chance at redemption awaits however. A seemingly impossible case needs a scapegoat for when it can't be solved - DCI Steve Burt is the perfect solution!!! 

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