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Revenge front cover.JPG


Book 8 in the DCI Steve Burt series

"Consistently brilliant story telling as expected with interwoven plots full of suspense and ingenuity" - R. Kennett, Goodreads

"It plays out like a TV series" - Itsabookthing2021

A decorated black ops hero that became inconvenient. Abandoned by his government and set up as the fall guy for eight long years behind bars. His wife killed. His child killed. Finding and killing the people responsible has filled his every waking thought. He’s been released and it’s time for REVENGE. The carnage can only be stopped by closing the case, and quickly.

Finding a ghost that has been trained to be invisible is hard enough, but with the fate of a man’s life resting on the outcome of another open case for DCI Steve Burt, he too has the unenviable responsibility for a life or death decisions.

People will die. How many depend on DCI Steve Burt and the team.

THe forgotten gun

Book cover for 'The Forgotten Gun' - a DCI Steve Burt crime mystery from author John Reid

A Metropolitan Police detective about to be dismissed is given a second chance by his old boss, who is now a police commander. He's given a new unit to run and two misfit detectives to assist him. All three know their status is temporary.

Their first case together is an impossible double murder. Each murder is identical. Both victims are expertly shot in the head from long range, but the post-mortems reveal no bullets were used in the shootings. The CSI teams calculate that in both cases there is no place for the marksman to have fired from unless suspended over busy roads.

Although it's a case apparently impossible to solve, DCI Steve Burt reluctantly agrees with his new team to investigate. Their enquiries lead them into the murky world of greed corruption fraud and money laundering, but they are no nearer solving the murders.

The team is stumped until the DCI meets a retired army major and WW2 veteran who unwittingly hold the keys to solving these impossible murders.


Book cover for 'The Auction' - a DCI Steve Burt crime mystery from author John Reid

In this murder investigation DCI Steve Burt is drawn into the sleazy underbelly of London – gentlemen’s clubs and all – while tracking down a serial killer who is murdering young women and dumping their bodies soon afterwards.


Then the body of an American professor is found floating in the Thames, and the DCI and his team find themselves involved in another murder case – which is by no means a straightforward killing. In his search for answers, the DCI and his nearest and dearest are threatened as he uncovers police corruption at the highest level. As the investigation unfolds, links are discovered between murder, an attempt to auction a stolen formula for green energy, and unauthorised CIA activity in London.


This is DCI Steve Burt’s most complicated and most baffling case to date.


Book cover for 'The Disciples' - a DCI Steve Burt crime mystery from author John Reid

In this, the third DCI Burt mystery, the stakes are high as DCI Burt and his colleagues become involved in an international game of intrigue.  DCI Burt is sent to investigate the murders of two young and foreign women, and as the clues lead him on, he begins to see all is not as simple as it might have seemed.


Orders from on high have DCI Burt joining a secret society, The Syndicate, which had powerful members called Disciples.  These ruthless people control the highest corridors of government. What is their connection to the two murdered women?  Can DCI Burt unravel the mystery and solve the murders in this dangerous high-stakes game?


Watchers front book cover.jpg

Sometimes it isn’t just good police work that catches criminals. Sometimes you just have to watch them. This is the strategy DCI Steve Burt uses when presented with two different and equally complicated cases simultaneously.


One is an unofficial favour to an ex-colleague involving the theft of gold bullion from the Bank of England. The other is a baffling case of multiple murders masterminded by greed. Steve follows a trail of misleading clues and blind alleys involving suspected terrorism, kidnapping, conspiracy and international intrigue.

To solve the cases he puts his career and his future with the Metropolitan Police in jeopardy by deliberately disobeying direct orders.


The Voice Front Cover.jpg

The world of warfare is changing, and a new weapons delivery system developed secretly in the UK is targeted by an international terrorist group who set out to steal it on instructions from 'The Voice' - a mysterious mastermind who keeps his identity hidden by only using the phone and disguising his true voice.

DCI Steve Burt is asked by his old Army Commander to search for his son, a serving Army officer who has gone missing. This unofficial inquiry becomes part of an official investigation and takes the team into a world of international intrigue, espionage, terrorism and corruption that leads all the way to the top of the government and Metropolitan Police. The evidence leads back to 'The Voice', but who is he? Unearthing a phantom is a difficult task, even for DCI Steve Burt, especially as the stakes continue to mount.


Norwich book cover.jpg

DCI Steve Burt is sounded out about a promotion to become Head of Norfolk CID but before he is given the offer officially, he is seconded to the Norfolk Force to solve the murder of an elderly police officer.


The victim is female detective sergeant called Elsie Brown, who was close to retiring. It was known she had become obsessed by an eleven-year-old cold murder case and the DCI soon realises it is this obsession that may have led to her murder especially when another body with a connection to Elsie turns up.


Before being seconded to Norfolk, Steve's team had started to investigate the case of a young woman whose headless body had been pulled from the Thames. So begins a dual investigation  involving seemingly unrelated events. The cases prove to be the most complicated investigations the DCI has ever had to deal with.


During his hunt for answers Steve and his team become involved with London's criminal underworld, big business fronting criminal activity, sophisticated drug barons, money laundering on a commercial scale and corrupt officials.


As the investigation into the headless girl's murder gathers pace, the DCI is drawn further into London's underworld and begins to realise there is a connection between this murder, the killings in Norfolk and even the eleven-year-old cold case. Sifting through the evidence and proving the links becomes a challenge for the DCI and his Special Resolutions team.


Abduction Cover.JPG

The abduction of a high court judge’s daughter to encourage a not guilty verdict is the catalyst for DCI Steve Burt and his Special Resolutions Unit getting drawn into a world of corruption, murder and a series of seemingly unrelated events.

A new section commander places the team at threat of closure as they embark on their most challenging case to date, where the damage caused by one his trusted deputies following the wrong hunch may have already sealed their fate.

Can DCI Steve Burt pull together the pieces of this case, secure the future of his team, and stay alive long enough to succeed?

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