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The abduction of a high court judge’s daughter to encourage a not guilty verdict is the catalyst for DCI Steve Burt and his Special Resolutions Unit getting drawn into a world of corruption, murder and a series of seemingly unrelated events.

A new section commander places the team at threat of closure as they embark on their most challenging case to date, where the damage caused by one his trusted deputies following the wrong hunch may have already sealed their fate.

Can DCI Steve Burt pull together the pieces of this case, secure the future of his team, and stay alive long enough to succeed?

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The DCI Steve Burt Mysteries are from the pen of  author JOHN REID, taking the reader on a journey of tension, suspense and intrigue in each novel.

Each book in the series has the same engaging and refreshing writing style, working equally well as stand-alone novels, that draws you effortlessly into the murky shadows of society where power and greed corrupt even the highest corridors of power. 


supported by carefully constructed and compelling narratives that take you on a journey of intrigue that will leave you guessing until the very end. 


Follow career detective DCI Steve Burt as he leads his team in unravelling each seemingly impossible case.

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