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"Consistently brilliant story telling as expected with interwoven plots full of suspense and ingenuity" - R. Kennett, Goodreads

"It plays out like a TV series" - Itsabookthing2021

A decorated black ops hero that became inconvenient. Abandoned by his government and set up as the fall guy for eight long years behind bars. His wife killed. His child killed. Finding and killing the people responsible has filled his every waking thought. He’s been released and it’s time for REVENGE. The carnage can only be stopped by closing the case, and quickly.


Finding a ghost that has been trained to be invisible is hard enough, but with the fate of a man’s life resting on the outcome of another open case for DCI Steve Burt, he too has the unenviable responsibility for a life or death decisions.


People will die. How many depend on DCI Steve Burt and the team.

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The DCI Steve Burt Mysteries are from the pen of  author JOHN REID, taking the reader on a journey of tension, suspense and intrigue in each novel.

Each book in the series has the same engaging and refreshing writing style, working equally well as stand-alone novels, that draws you effortlessly into the murky shadows of society where power and greed corrupt even the highest corridors of power. 


supported by carefully constructed and compelling narratives that take you on a journey of intrigue that will leave you guessing until the very end. 


Follow career detective DCI Steve Burt as he leads his team in unravelling each seemingly impossible case.

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